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Litigation, Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

AAsh Epelle Attorneys go where others fear to tread. The finest method of arbitration is applied to each unique dispute, with inventive solutions proffered as standard

Ash Epelle Attorneys’primary objective is to ensure that disputes arising from the activities of clients are effectively resolved with the minimum outlay of time and resources.Our legal team possesses considerable experience in all types of domestic and complex cross border conflict resolution and commercial negotiations.

As experts in settling a range of disputes, we employ all methods of resolution such as negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and other processes.Our lawyers have often found creative avenues to facilitate agreement, frequently in the face of bitter disputes. We believe that the emphasis should be on creative solutions, equity and the facilitation of good commercial business sense.


A determined, bold approach to dispute resolution and litigation

And should matters proceed to litigation,Ash Epelle Attorneys prides itself on fearless, tenacious advocacy and on our proven track record in successful litigation. We have successfully litigated at the highest levels of jurisprudence around the world. We pride ourselves on resolving disputes speedily and effectively with as little disruption to our clients’ businesses and lives as possible.

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